In lab PANDA, we conduct our own projects and collaborate with various research labs and community-based agencies to achieve our goals of learning how to identify effective ways to help children with trauma histories. Below are a few of our initiatives:


Project Share - Joplin

     Project Share began as Dr. Hambrick's dissertation research. The focus is on identifying adaptive ways for caregivers to talk to children about disasters. We are collaborating with researchers at the University of Kansas (Dr. Eric Vernberg) and the University of Missouri to extend this study to additional populations, and continue to analyze our own data.

Kansas City Refugee Project

     This project is a collaboration between lab PANDA and Dr. Eric Vernberg's lab at the University of Kansas (KU). Jessy Guler, a PhD student at KU, is the PI of this focus-group and interview based project. We are conducting focus groups with local providers who serve KC-area refugees, and interviews with refugee families. The goal is to learn about the strengths of refugee families and the challenges they face in the US, as well as to learn about family functioning once resettled to the US and how family functioning is associated with wellbeing. 

Fostering Healthy Futures

     We collaborate with Dr. Heather Taussig's research team at the University of Denver, which studies the efficacy and effectiveness of mentoring-based preventive interventions for children and adolescents involved with child welfare. 

Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics

     We work with Dr. Bruce Perry and others at the ChildTrauma Academy to disseminate information regarding best practices for intervention when working with children with trauma histories, and to evaluate the effectiveness of the Neurosequential Model in community-based settings.

The Children's Place

     The Children’s Place is located in Kansas City, Missouri and offers a therapeutic preschool program and outpatient therapy center to the youngest children in the community. Our partnership began in 2018 with the goal of providing on-site program evaluation. We collect and analyze assessment data that aids in treatment planning as well as in evaluating program efficiency and effectiveness. Our key collaborators are CEO Ann Thomas LCSW, RPT/S and VP of Program Administration Rebeca Chow, PhD. We work together to further their mission of being a place where children and families heal from life’s deepest hurts.

Synergy Services 

     We partner with Synergy Services in Kansas City, Missouri to research the effectiveness of 30-day crisis shelters, and ways to improve the effectiveness of child-focused crisis shelters. Sara Brammer, PhD and Dennis Meier, PhD are our primary collaborators. 

FamilyForward (Previously Children's Home Society of Missouri)

    This project will explore the effectiveness of the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics in a therapeutic preschool and an outpatient clinic primarily serving families with adoptive children.  Our key collaborator is CPO Rachel Neukirch, LCSW.  We hope to identify mediators of change during the treatment process, including changes in heart rate variability, self-regulatory capacities, parenting self-efficacy, and cognitive control.